3 New Types of Sponsored Stories in Facebook

Pages, apps and websites in Facebook now have their own Sponsored Story. These Sponsored Stories, launched in January, are user activities translated into ads that can be seen by their friends. Current stories include Page Like Stories, Page Post Stories, App Shared Stories, and Check-In Stories. Now however the social networking site decided to expand the range of these sponsored stories and added 3 new types:

1) Page Post Like Story: This story promotes Likes of status updates, photos and videos of a page. It is useful in such a way that they are able to generate incentives for Pages to push users to Like their content.

2) App Used and Game Played Stories: This promotes games or app usages to friends of a user that has been using an app or game twice, or for ten minutes, in the last month. This allows for new users to  become engaged with Facebook’s apps and games instead of pushing users to share content or invite friends. This could also be a way to help the growth of the games in Facebook, in which their visibility had been drastically reduced last year.

3) Domain Story: The Domain Story promotes the Likes of a user on a piece of content, the usage of the Share button or the copying of a link into the Facebook publisher from a third-party website. This is the least important among the three new stories since the actions itself that they are promoting already create a news feed story.

These three new stories are a smart way for Facebook to attract advertiser spend while at the same time encourage users to be more engaged in Pages, apps and other websites.

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