30-year old Man Campaigns Himself for a date on Facebook

It’s a normal thing to see advertisements whenever you log in to Facebook. Advertisements about clothes, about a company, about a restaurant, and even about a person sometimes. But one man seems to have taken self-advertising in Facebook to a more personal level. Matt Simpson of Tempe, Arizona decided that perhaps the best (and cheapest way) to finally meet his life-long partner is by creating a Page and campaigning himself on a Facebook ad.

A 30-something web-savvy Facebook user, Matt has taken the advantage of its ads in a new way. Since Facebook allows individuals to narrow their campaigns thanks to the hyper-specific data on users, Matt was able to set his campaign parameters to include women who are interested in yoga, meditation, and books by spiritual authors. He is, after all, looking for an “emotionally balanced, intellectually and spiritually mature woman.”

Simpson mentions on his blog that compared to other dating sites, doing this on Facebook is a more subtle way to reach out to women who share deeper interests with him. Instead of women being bombarded with a list of suitors, the ad allows them to rather “opt in” to learning more about him. The best part of it is that it’s only $0.75 per click, making a total of only $20 on his expenses for the campaign. For contrast, signing himself up for a Match.com membership would have cost him about $35 per month.

He hasn’t had any dates yet but on the first week of his campaign, he has already been contacted by six women.

Would you yourself ever consider putting up a dating ad on Facebook? Do you think its an “innovative” idea, or just desperation?

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