5 Reasons to choose Google Apps over Microsoft 365

Google Apps is a major cloud service which is gaining and gaining more popularity. I will put here 7 reasons why it would be more efficient to choose Google Apps over Microsoft 365. As there are dozens of reviews about this battle, I will keep this short.

1.      Price

Google Apps is free for individuals and small teams to 10 accounts, this will include:

  • Messaging apps: Gmail with 10GB free storage and Google Calendar
  • Collaborations app: Google Docs and Google Sites
  • More Google Applications: Google Reader, Blogger, Picassa, AdWords and more.

Microsoft 365 is not offering anything for free. They are offering  four plans with different prices from $4 to $20 per user/month.

For individuals and small teams to 50 accounts, Microsoft 365 if offering $72 per user/year to maximum .But if your company needs unlimited accounts, there will be a plan for $96 per user/year which is more expensive than Google Apps.

For Google Apps, if a company has more than 10 users, there will be only one standard plan, Google Apps for Business. Google Apps for Business will be $60 per user/year with unlimited accounts whether you need up to 50 accounts or more, the price will be the same per user.

2.      Services

Google Apps is offering different editions for business, schools, government and non-profit organizations. These sectors will be appropriate for any sector you operate in. Microsoft 365 is not offering different editions as Google Apps; however they have one different edition: Office 365 for education.

3.      Mobility

Google Apps is saving all your work automatically in the cloud. This means, that you can have access to your work anywhere in the world regardless any device you use. The web is the platform, not the machine.  The only requirement to use Google Apps is a Web browser and Internet connection. However, Microsoft 365 is trying to transfer to a ‘cloud’ service but still people need to work with Microsoft products in order to communicate and cooperate with each other.

4.      Easy collaboration

Office 365 requires plug-ins and software which it will make it virtually difficult to work with others. With Google Apps, you don’t have to worry whether other people are using the same software. As it said, Google Apps is designed for teams and Office 365 for individuals.

5.      Google Apps: Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Some users would choose Office 365 in order to make better use of Microsoft Office. However, Google Apps is offering Clound Connect for Microsoft Office where you can totally share, backup and edit Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents with colleagues.


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