50% of White House Facebook Fans Are Over The Age of 50

Facebook is not only the place for youngsters to communicate with each other anymore.

According to a survey done by White House to collect feedback from their followers on the social media platform, 50% of Facebook survey respondents were over the age of 50. That shows the ability of Facebook in engaging the attention and interest of older generation.

On the other hand, younger generation likes to follow the president on Twitter more as information can be read immediately.

Here are also other findings from the survey that I think is quite interesting:

  • 62% reported that they visit White House’ Facebook page at least once a week but 93% say that they read tweets from White House at least once a week.
  • Most of the Twitter survey respondents are active on Facebook but there are much fewer Facebook respondents reported being active on Twitter.

While most of the survey respondents said that they like the idea of government having Facebook and Twitter as modes of interaction, they also gave useful suggestions such as providing live streaming events,etc.

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