7% Of Your Facebook Friends Are Strangers

Pew Research Center had just released its latest study about social behavior of social networking sites users.

Within expectation, Facebook is the most popular social network among users such that 92% of social networking users have a Facebook account.

Average number of friends for Facebook useres is around 229. Total friend list are consists of 20% high school friends, followed by 12% extended family, 10% from coworker, 9% college friends, 8% immediate family, 7% people from extracurricular groups and 2% neighbors.

The most interesting finding in the research result is that the average Facebook user has never met 7% of their Facebook “Friends”, that is 7% of friends in user’s Facebook account are actually strangers.In addition, users actually only met 3% of Facebook friends once.

Well, think about it. Do you really know all your friends on Facebook?  I need to confess that almost half of my friends are not really someone I know. I might have met them but did not even talk to them before.


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