70% of YouTube Users Do Watch Pre-Roll Advertisements

Do you actually watch the pre-roll ads on Youtube videos?

Sales director at Youtube & Google, Bruce Daisley said you did.

At a conference in Manchester, Daisley revealed that only average of  30% of Youtube ads are skipped. This is quite a surprise and it shows that people are willing to watch ads as long as the ads are interesting and relevant.

The advertising product from Youtube called TrueView, allows people to choose to skip past pre-roll ads on videos. Advertisers will only need to pay if users watch the full ad or the first 30 seconds. Now with so many people watching advertisements, this revenue model of Youtube is definitely workable.

In fact, this is a win-win situation for both Youtube and their clients. For companies, TrueView would be another cost-effective way of displaying their advertisements. Using TrueView, companies can also customize the advertisements so that it is only displayed for the group of customers that they want.



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