80% of Startups Are Launched by People Over 35

With too much coverage about young entrepreneurs, you most probably think that most of the successful entrepreneurs are about the same age  as Mark Zuckerberg. Well, you are wrong.

According to the latest research by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 80 per cent of total entrepreneurship activity in 2009 was contributed by people over the age of 35 . One of the reason for this is older entrepreneurs have more life and work experience and thus they have better understanding of what need to be done to achieve their goals. Besides, they have greater network that allows them to seek help for business from connections. As they are older, they also has more wealth or better finances to support their business.

But why older entrepreneurs don’t get as much press coverage as the younger ones? The reason is their products are usually more complex technologies like biotech, energy or IT hardware, which are rarely seen by usual consumers.

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