83rd Annual Academy Awards Prediction by Meltwater Group

The social media monitoring group, Meltwater has made a second attempt to calculate the infographic of who will win the Academy Awards tonight and although, their prediction of The Grammys didn’t work out so well, the show must go on. According to their analysis, James Franco would most likely win the Best Actor Award, Natalie Portman as the Best Actress, and the Best Picture would go to The King’s Speech.

This prediction is gathered from all the information that has been put out on various social media network such as Facebook and Twitter. The infographics provided by Meltwater Group predicts the winners from the social media buzz, it makes me wonder what would happen if these prediction turns out to be accurate. Does that mean more people are on Facebook and Twitter including the Academy Awards’ voting members?

The folks at Webtrends also released a similar predictions for the Academy Awards Winners sourcing the mentions of the nominees and really rank which one is buzzing more than the other. If only these infographics are available for the football games now that Paul, The Octopus is gone. Who do you think will win the Academy Awards?

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