A Browser Extension That Helps You Find The Tab Making Noise

I always find it annoying when I have too may tabs on browser and do not know which tab is playing music without me activating the player. In order to close that tab, I will need to check through every tabs. By the time the tab is killed I have lost track of what I was working on.

My problem has been solved when I found the Mute Tab Chrome extension.

Mute Tab scans web pages for embed plugin HTML tags that are likely to make sound such as <object>, <applet>,<audio> or <video> and changes the icon on the tab of the page that is making noise, to the Mute Tab musical note icon. Then the app can be muted by clicking right on the page selecting Mute. You can also choose to either mute it while it plays or shut off the plugin.

Besides, clicking on the Mute Tab icon shows you the details of what tabs was making noise. I wish later it has the function to mute a Flash game too.

I really want to thank the creator Jared Sohn. Good Job, Sohn!

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