A Christmas present from Amazon is on its way

Own a Kindle Fire but not exactly loving it? That may change very soon with promised UI and performance improvements that will come with a new software upgrade that Amazon will be releasing in “less than 2 weeks” (as told to the New York Times) for the gadget.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is enjoying quite the popularity this holiday season due to its pocket friendly prices but consumer s are far from happy with the gadget thus far, as shown by 1-star reviews on Amazon being more than 10% of the total reviews of the Fire. Users are critical of its design, with a few of the major complains being non-existent external volume control buttons and an inconvenient location of the power button. Many have also remarked that the UI of the Fire is not friendly to those who do not possess slender fingers.

Not only are their problems with the hardware, users have also complained about a lack of privacy and also problems with accessing websites from the device. Other than for reading books and other publications, as well as for shopping on Amazon, the Fire seems to be lacking in variety in its function too. Decried by users as an over-hyped product once hailed to be a competitor to the formidable iPad, the future is not looking merry for Amazon’s Fire; unless their new update changes the game.

The upgrade promises improvements in performance, multi-touch navigation and will also allow users choose what activities to keep on their history on the Fire. Many also believe that Amazon is in the progress of unveiling a solution to the hardware problems in the form of a new and improved Kindle Fire that should be released sometime in 2012.

Despite the mixed reviews on the Kindle Fire, its tablet-on-a-budget concept has allowed Amazon to quickly gain market share. However, with more and more tablets released on the market each quarter, such as the highly anticipated Windows 8 tablet due for release next year, there’s no telling how long Amazon will be able to maintain these numbers. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the software update and a new design (if the rumours are true) will be worth the wait.

Merry Christmas Kindle Fire users!

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