A Digitial Billboard Ad Shown Especially For You

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the type of person who reads every single billboard that I come across (although I must admit those digital billboards are pretty catchy, I don’t mind breaking my neck just to watch them). A lot of times we don’t look at billboards, mainly because… Well… The things they advertise don’t really concern us. I mean if you were, let’s say, a young corporate guy going off to work, would you look at a billboard that advertises tampons? Not really. But what if all of a sudden those tampons changed into a movie that you and your other male friends have been dying to see? Now that’s a different story.

A startup recently launched what claims to be a targeted billboard advertising that uses a software combined with video analytics with environmental factors, and Twitter and Foursquare information, to determine which ad is to be best displayed at an exact, specific moment. Immersive Labs introduced this technology at the TechStar’s Demo Day in New York City on Thursday.

The technology however that Immersive Labs uses it not something that is new. Digital billboards have installed webcams that are used to determine the relative age and gender of people who are looking at the ad and how long each person looks directly at them. An example is Amnesty International’s Domestic Violence Awareness billboard, which is the first billboard to respond to people who are looking at it.

Cool, or kinda creepy?

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