A Facebook smartphone in 2013?

Is the world’s biggest social networking building Facebook smartphone for 2013? Is Facebook, a software company able to build its own smartphone?

New York Times reports that Facebook would like to release their own smartphone by next year. There will be already more than half a dozen former Apple software and hardware engineers that worked on iPhone and iPad hired by Facebook.

The rumour about Facebook has been rumoured for a long time. In 2010, TechCrunch was the first one who rumoured about the Facebook phone. After that in 2011 the second rumour came out from AllthingsD. Now the third one came from New York Time and it could be serious if they really have hired those engineers.

Facebook is becoming more and more social for mobile experience. Now Facebook has already four different apps: the most downloaded Facebook app (Android and iOS), a Messenger app (iOS and Android), a fan page management app (iOS and Android), and Facebook Camera app (Android and iOS).  Nowadays, 350 million users have access on the social network via their mobiles devices each month. It seems like that Facebook wants to go further into the mobile space. But do they really have the ability to build a successful smartphone? However, it could be bad for Apple and Google if this will happen though.

Did you know that there are already phones such as Motorola and HTC which have a Facebook button? Moreover, owners of HTC ChaCha and BlackBerry can share music, photos and updates by pressing the keyboard’s F button.

So if the Facebook smartphone is coming, who would use it? Is it you or the next generation? Quite curious how a Facebook smartphone would look like though!

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