A fresh new Dropbox on the web

Dropbox is a popular file-sharing service on the web which is used by people to share documents and photos. Dropbox has announced a redesign of its Web-based service with a simpler and powerful layout and a better storage for amounts of your photos.

The updates of Dropbox are made in other to make the Web-based service more clear and productive for users. According to Dropbox: “One of our main goals was to slim down dropbox.com and focus on the star of the page: your stuff. We’ve put all the tools you need at your fingertips, but only when you need them.”

The new features of Dropbox include a new action bar on top of the screen which is a great tool to adjust your needs. It will certainly give you a clear view of the options for your files. Furthermore, the right-click option is an easy and fast way to edit and manage your files.


Dropbox is used by many users to share photos. However, users were not able to view photos on the website. Thus Dropbox has made a great improvement, because now you can see thumbnails of your photos without needing to download or open it.  Even you will open the photo; your photo will be showed on the entire screen.


The new drag-and-drop feature will make it much faster and happier for you by dragging stuff from your desktop to Dropbox or the other way around.  Moreover, the better multiple file selection will definitely make it easier and faster for you! There is no need to search for that long in your entire Dropbox for a specific file, because the ‘Live’ search bar is placed on the right-top of the screen, which you can use easy to find a file.

According to Dropbox, they expect more development this year as the competition is increasing. These new features are already a great progress of Dropbox! Check it out!




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