A Valentine’s Day gift; Angry Birds on Facebook

Excited! The smashing game Angry Birds has finally landed on the world’s biggest social network Facebook.  The game supposed to be launched on Valentine’s Day, but according to TheNextWeb, Angry Birds was already available one day before Valentine’s Day.

Rovie, the Finnish Company behind the game is letting friends play against each other. There will be a scoreboard, which means you can track the scores of your friends. So, are you ready to challenge your friends?

It was a matter of time before this biggest gaming app on all mobile platforms would appear on the largest social network in the world. Now, everyone can enjoy this game on a big screen on your computer, which will make more fun to see the size of the birds.

This game on Facebook has new features like the power-ups can give the bird special abilities like increasing their size. As Rovio describes the power-ups:

Power-ups are unique to Angry Birds on Facebook. There are 4 different types of power-ups and they can be accessed via the lightning bolt button at the top of the screen. You can use two power-ups per level. The four power ups are: Super Seeds, King Sling, Sling Scope and Birdquake. All power-ups have a different effect but ultimately make you more competitive against your friends by making your birds stronger or more accurate or even by shaking the earth itself!”


If you don’t want to pay for power-ups,no problem! Angry Birds is offering consecutive days so you can earn daily rewards, which will lead you to a complementary power-up.  So, if you don’t have any plans on Valentine’s Day, look at the exclusive content of Angry Birds on Facebook! This game is exactly the same but launches with a few new extras. Go go go!

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