About 7.5 Million Users in Facebook are Below 13

Remember when you were a little kid, and you were trying to sign up for accounts on different websites but you couldn’t because you were younger than 13 and that would be illegal, so it was as easy as computing the right birth year to make yourself older than 13? Seemed like a pretty harmless thing to do back then, right?

Not really.

Consumer Reports found out based on their survey that over 7.5 million Faceboob users over the past year were younger than 13. The report was released on Tuesday, surveying 2,089 members of a TNS interactive consumer panel, and using this sample size they were able to conclude that as an estimate, more than 5 million Facebook users are 10 years old and younger, making up a bulk of the 7.5 million figure. As with any other website, the requirements of Facebook include an age of no less than 13 years old for the user sign-up.

But of course it’s no secret to manipulate birth years.

Jeff Fox, the technology editor for Consumer Reports, said that the “majority of parents of kids 10 and under seemed largely unconcerned by their children’s use of the site.”
This is not however the first time that Facebook’s policies have been called attention to. In August, a lawsuit was filed against the site in Los Angeles for allegedly allowing minors to endores products without their parent’s consent using the “Like” button.

Facebook, and any other website, must start rethinking their screening requirements. There’s a reason why children younger than 13 years old aren’t allowed to sign up for websites. Inappropriate content can pop up any time, and just because every one has access to internet, it doesn’t make it all right for children to see those contents.

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