About.com’s Next Step: Video Content

As a person who is always doing research both online and offline, finding great quality of content is a challenge. Knowing that there are people like you and I who is on the hunt for content and specific materials also begins their hunt down for low-quality content and to help enhance our experience. About.com plans to improve their quality of content by adding videos.

The New York Times owned company, About.com plan to increase its Guides’ quality by expanding content through videos over the next year in the categories of food, health, home, parenting, and automotive. Having redesigned its website to be more of guide and a how-to hub, videos would add a significant value to the website especially for the search-driven users.

In addition to the videos, About.com are also extending in terms of its languages with a plan to release About.com in Spanish called About en Espanol which will feature nine topics including movies, music, kids, dogs, Internet for beginners, personal computers, literature, makeup and spreadsheets and more by the end of 2011.

Which other how-to website do you use besides About.com? What do you think about search engine these days, I mean, how do you find the exact information you are looking for? Share you search engine experience here 🙂

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