Adobe Launches HTML5 Web Animations Tool “Adobe Edge”

HTML5 now has taken one step further when Adobe launches a HTML-enabled tool called Adobe Edge. The new tool allows professionals to design animated web content using web standards including HMTL5,CSS and Javascript instead of Flash.

Back from April 2010, Adobe has been introducing support for the technology in its products such as Dreamweaver, Illustrator,its Digital Publishing Suite and, more recently, its Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool, Wallaby.

This time with Adobe Edge, the company hopes to provide professionals with tools to build Web animations or simple games. In the future, more HTML5 features including Canvas support, support for HTML5 Audio and Video tags, richer support for animating SVG graphic will be added.Right now, Edge focuses on its core animation engine.

Edge can be used to import existing HTML documents and graphic assets including SVG,PNG,JPG and GIF and style them with CSS3. Properties of the EDGE file and various elements the designer is working with can also be accessed with the panels on the left and right. There is also a WebKit browser embedded in the center.

“HMTL5 is a n opportunity for Adobe. That’s not to say there aren’t opportunities for Flash.”Group Product Manager for Adobe’s Web Pro Segment, Devin Fernandez explained that both technologies are still in use and Flash is not to be abandoned although they are now pushing HTML in their products.

Edge can be tried for free while it is in public preview period.






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