Adobe Mobile Reader brings real features to iOS/Android

Good news for iOS and Android users. Adobe Mobile Reader brings new features which let users interact more with PDF documents by signing documents with their finger on touch screens.

Acrobat Solutions is definitely bringing some new features which are really useful for on-the-go business professionals. The free iOS and Android app Adobe Mobile Reader has updated some very handy features such as Ink Signature and annotations.

The new feature Ink Signature is allowing users to sign a document by hand-drawing from their smartphone or tablet. After signing, users can connect to Adobe EchoSign eSignature from their iOS or Android device and let other users sign the documents. These documents will be archived in the cloud, so users will be able to retrieve the documents anywhere and anytime. However, there should be internet connection though.

The service Adobe Echosign eSignature is allowing users to keep track of the signature process and the status of the contracts. Seems very handy though! Before, this feature was only available for the professional edition of Adobe Acrobat and now it is included in the free app.

Other new features are the annotation; users can Highlight, Strikethrough and Underline to mark up their text. Besides this, comments can also be added with Sticky Notes.

According to Kevin M.Lynch, Vice President and General Manager of Acrobat Soluctions:

“Adobe’s document solutions help organizations turn inefficient, paper-based workflows into streamlined electronic one. By adding electronic signature capabilities to Adobe’s document exchange services platform, we will be addressing the need to provide better customer experiences by significantly reducing the time, cost and complexity associated with having a document signed.”

Now this free app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. So are you going to use these new features? Or do you prefer the old fashion way as signing on a paper?

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