Airbnb User’s Apartment Gets Robbed

Airbnb is an online service that matches people seeking vacation rentals and other short-term accommodations with those with rooms to rent . The company launched in 2008 and has grown fast. $112 million of valuation was raised. However, there were some users complaining about their rented homes being robbed lately.

Last week a Airbnb user had her home sacked. The user known as “EJ” posted on her blog about how her home was robbed and trashed. Walls were cut through to get locked valuables,including her passport, cash, credit card and grandmother’s jewelry. Her camera,iPod, old laptop, and external backup drive are gone as well. The “guests” had also used her MasterCard to shop online. The creepiest part is the renter sent her an email thanking her for being a great host  after the rampage.

EJ also explained how Airbnb’s policies of not letting people know who they’re renting to until the last moment makes a situation like this more likely to happen.  She suggested that Craiglist is actually safer.

CEO of Airbnb Brian Chesky responded:

Hey everyone – we were shocked when we heard about this unsettling event. We have been working closely with the authorities, and we want to reassure our community that, with the help of our security infrastructure, we were able to assist the police in their investigation, and we understand from authorities that a suspect is now in custody.

We’ve created a marketplace built on trust, transparency and authenticity within our community, and we hold the safety of our community members as our highest priority. We will continue to work with our users to stamp out those who would put that community at risk in any way. The vast majority of our community members genuinely respect and protect each other, but we urge users to be careful and discerning with each other and to hold others accountable through reviews, flagging and our customer service channel. Our hearts go out to our host and we will continue to work with her and with the authorities to make this right.

However, Airbnb is not going to reimburse her for damages as they do not insure against losses.

So if you are going to rent a house with any service like this, please be careful and be aware of the risk invloved.


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