Amazon partners with 7-Eleven for package pickup

Amazon has a wide range of products such as books, appliances, electronics, beauty, home & kitchen.  Aside from being the number one online retailer, Amazon in searching for  new ways to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

Amazon has come up with a smart solution for product deliveries.  You don’t anymore have to worry if the item is too big to fit to your door or if you need to be around to receive it.  You will now have an option to have your package delivered to a 7-Eleven convenience store.  The new system will allow a customer to select at checkout a nearby 7-Eleven store for package pickup. The customer would then enter a PIN to retrieve the package from an Amazon locker.

Although not yet confirmed by Amazon,  the locker setup was spotted at Seattle Capital Hill 7-Eleven.  So how does it  exactly work?

The Daily citing an unnamed source had a few details on the system.  According to the source,  The customer will receive an email notification with a bar code on his or her smartphone and heads to 7-Eleven.  He will stand infront of the locker system.  The machine will scan the bar code on his handset to receive a PIN number.  He will enter the PIN and receive the package.

Amazon did not comment on the locker system and if there would be an additional charge to use the service.  If materialized, this program will be very useful and convenient to consumers and will put Amazon on top with its competitors.


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