AnyLeaf – Personalized Grocery Deals

For the healthy, beauty, spa, and food lovers, the only way to shop for great bargains in Singapore as we know it is through the deal-of-the-day website such as, a company of Groupon.  There are also many other similar concept website in the air of our online world, boomers such as The Sweet Spot,, and that acts as a one stop online deal shop. It’s no surprise that these daily deals website are becoming more popular than ever, after all, who doesn’t want a 90% off a 2-hour massage in Singapore?

Discounts, deals, and saving some bucks off our bill is definitely, the ultimate goal for most of us, and Y-Combinator, the United States based company realizes that. AnyLeaf was recently released in the San Francisco Bay area to remove the hassle of grocery shoppers that are still clipping coupons from the daily newspaper. The online coupon website sources deals from stores such as Target, Lucky, Nob Hill, and other stores in the area and sends weekly e-mail updates to the users.

AnyLeaf enable the users hide the products that least interest them and choose the deals that they would like to receive. The website is also interactive enough to recommend similar items for the users. Although AnyLeaf is currently limited to only the San Francisco Bay area, their goal is to expand to other parts of the United States. Would grocery deals website be the next big hit in Singapore?

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