App for Extreme Networking – Great for Parties!

Do you want to know who else are in the room in a party? Do you want to know more about a stranger in the party before befriending him or her ?

Sonar can show you everyone including strangers in the room by retrieving information from social networks. After connecting to sonar account, you can see who else in the same room is checked in on Foursquare or Facebook Places. To make a connection with them, just send a message.

In addition, you will able to know whether they share any Twitter or Facebook friends with you. This feature is quite cool as the information can be used as an ice breaker with a stranger. You might be able to start a conversation with a stranger by talking about mutual friends.

“Talking to someone on the street is harder than talking to someone in a bar. Talking to someone in a bar is harder than talking to someone at a house party. What we’re trying to do with Sonar is show people when the person on the street is the same person at the house party.”, says founder and CEO Brett Martin.

Sonar works even when people in the party are not using it. However, people do need to check in with Foursquare or Facebook Places. Sonar is trying to reduce this limitation by adding implicit checkins- such as when people respond to an Eventbrite invite. Martin also hope to extend the checkin pool to include geotagged tweets, Instagram photos and foodspotting images.

The startup’s current revenue model is selling its promoted visibility. For example, for a company which is hosting a conference and wants its executives to be on top of their members’ sonar lists, they can pay Sonar to make it happen.




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