Apple Confirms October 4 “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event



Everyone is excited to know what will be unveiled on Oct 4.

Could this be the much awaited iPhone5 ?

“Let’s talk iPhone”

That’s what the invite reads.  Several media outlets began receiving invitations for the said event.  It is scheduled to start at 10am PT at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA.  The event will mark new Apple CEO Tim Cook’s first major appearance.

The  iPhone5 has been the subject of many rumors and speculations since the start of the year.  The expectation around the event was intensified when Al Gore, a member of Apple’s board slip while speaking in South Africa that new iPhone models would be arriving in October. If he was right, Apple could introduce more than 1 model.  It has been rumored that Apple will release two phones this year: the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4s, a cheaper version of the iPhone 4.

Apple’s next iPhone is expected to run on a dual-core processor giving the handset a leverage over the latest Android phones in graphics and gaming. The processor will pack in 1GB of RAM, twice as much as the iPhone 4′s A4 chip or iPad 2′s A5 processor.  It’s also expected to have a 8 megapixel camera and is likely to go on sale within two weeks of the announcement.

Apple has not released a new iPhone since June 2010, and many Apple fans have wondered why the company has taken longer than usual to update the device.  Whatever the reason is, the launch of iPhone 5 will be very important due to competition.

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