Apple introduces iOS 6

At its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple didn’t announce the new iPhone but some highlights of iOS6. Apple’s iOS 6 comes with new features. As Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said:

‘’New changes in our notebook line up and major releases for iOS, the world’s most advanced desktop and operating systems, making them even better so that you can make even more amazing apps.’’

There will be a new phone app which will set a reminder to call someone back when you don’t want to answer the phone when they are calling. This happened quite a lot and this is a way to remind you.

Siri will get some changes such as the virtual personal assistant will be able to launch apps and movies. The voice-command application of Siri will add new languages like Spanish, Korean and Mandarin Chinese.  Users will be able to update their Facebook Status by talking to their phone. And believe it or not, Siri will be soon integrated in a car within the next year!

Facebook is going be integrated in iOS so it gets a big boost from Apple. Users will be able to share anything without the Facebook app such as share pictures from iPhone’s camera and share locations from maps. Your iPhone contacts will include Facebook status updates and contacts as well. Would this contact feature be convenient for its users or would it be a mess in your iPhone contacts? Furthermore, users will be able to ‘like’ movies and apps in Apple’s iTunes store.

Apple is going to release its own version of 3D maps, so it will replace Google Maps as standard.

Really curious how the new features would be with iOS 6!


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