Apple officially released iOS 5

Today Apple released over 200 new features at its WWDC ( Worldwide Developer Conference). I would highlight some of the features that I think are really cool and useful.


Just like BlackBerry Messenger, Apple is going to have their own device-to-device messenger. iMessage allows users to communicate easily between iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

Notification Center


In iOS5, you will have this “Notification Center” that can be customized to display things such as current weather, a stock ticker, new emails, texts and friend requests.It can be found by swiping the top of the screen.

Camera and Photos

Now, you will able to open the camera app directly from the lock screen, which makes it easier to point and click quickly. Some features of a digital camera such as grid lines, single-tap focus and exposure locks are also included. Photos can be edited in the app without leaving your camera roll.

Deep Twitter Integration


You can now tweet directly from Safari, Map, videos from YouTube,etc.


All magazines that you have subscribed will be displayed directly in this virtual newsstand.

What do you think about these features in iOS5?







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