Apple Released Twitter Sign-Ins In iOS5

During Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference(WWDC) today, Steve Jobs said that they want to make it easier for all customers to use Twitter in the iOS products.

Now Apple users will only need to sign in once for Twitter on the phone and there will be no need for re login for subsequent apps after that. Twitter is also integrated into many of Apple’s own features and applications like camera and photos. Articles and content can be tweeted directly from Safari, Map, videos from YouTube,etc as well.  The ability to autopull Twitter photos and@username in the phone’s contacts is also added.

The feature will be implemented on the coming iOS5 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Developers are allowed to make use of single sign-on capability to let users tweet directly from their apps.

It is a wise choice of Apple for integrating Twitter sign-on feature as Twitter has also upgraded their service with its own-photo sharing feature recently. Usage of the feature will increase given the frequency of taking photo and tweet directly from iPhone is increased.


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