AppleCare reps told not to help users remove malware?!

This sounds like a bad news for all Mac OS users.

Most of the MAC OS believe that their platform is invulnerable to malware. Well, it is not.

Although the number of malware attacks have been increasing , Apple customer service reps have been told not to help remove spyware  and malware.

How Malware attacks mac users?

Users are actually tricked into clicking on and installing Trojan horse programs. Trojan horse looks like a benign application to users. One of the latest malware is Macfender, that acts like an ant-virus program but launches a pornographic website after installation.

Why AppleCare does not care about this?

According to an anonymous AppleCare representative:

“We have a team of people who go though all case notes and find new issues that are popping up a lot and send notices to all of AppleCare. Our notice for Mac Defender is that we’re not supposed to help customers remove malware from their computer.”

So, I guess Mac users need to do the security by themselves. It is not hard anyway. Click on this link to check out what you will need to do in order to remove it.

The reason for the rule, they say, is that even though MacDefender is easy to remove, we can’t set the expectation to customers that we will be able to remove all malware in the future. That’s what antivirus is for.”

Since there are so many vulnerabilities in the outside environment, I believe that Mac App store will be the only safe place to get software for Mac users.

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