Apple’s App Store now has more than Half-A-Million Apps

Within less than three years after its first launch in the summer of 2008, Apple surpassed the 500,000 milestone yesterday morning.

Those 500,000 apps are approved by Apple but they are not available yet.Only 40,000 apps are actually available for download so far.

500,000 is a magnificent number that can be achieved within less than 3 years. The achievement is most probably due to improved tools for developers and steady adoption of smartphone technology.

The App Store has been playing a vital role in the development of software applications industry. Previously, independent software coders have to compete with larger software companies with big budgets. They can only market and sell their apps via channels such as shareware model or on their own websites.

Now with the the App store, even small programmers can have an equal chance to make serious money.Apps store serves as an effective platform for distributing software as it has a lot of audiences at the same time.

Eight months after the App Store is launched, its closest rival Google’s Android App launched as well. Now Google Android App has around  300,000 apps.

Here are some infographic summarizing statistics about the app landscape done by 148Apps, an iPhone reviews blog and Chomp, a company that makes an app search tool:


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