Apple’s New iPad Shopping Page

Now it is easier to choose the model that is right for you .  Apple website gets a revamp.

When you visit the iPad page on the Apple Store,  You will be presented with options to choose the color and the model.  If you’ve chosen a 3G capable model, you’ll be presented with a choice of carriers.

Upon selecting the model and operator, the store will place the device into a summary list prompting you to finalize the order details and make a payment.  Only the iPad ordering section has been updated.

It has also replaced the shipping window time frame (e.g.,”within 24 hours”)  with  “In stock”  for products available and ready to ship.  It’s a more direct statement of the product’s availability.  Other items that are not in stock continue to use the shipping window time frame.  The new ordering system will ensure customers pick the right product and available on the network of their choice.

Apple has also been working on ways to improve their website integrating social sharing options of its products to the consumers.



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