Apple’s Vulnerability Revealed. Malicious App Tests Security

apple malware

We love smartphones because of unlimited number of applications! Mobile apps make handset more than a communication device. It is a time killer, diary, weather forecast and snapshot of all updates and the list goes on. However, think twice before downloading a new fancy application.

Security expert Charlie Miller has proved Apple’s app store is vulnerable to malware. He developed a software with malware able to download pictures and contacts that was accepted by iTune app store. The application looking like stock tracker benefited from updated Apple’s mobile operating system that allows to instal open code application.

But should be Mr Miller barred from the iOS developed program for violating terms and conditions or rather granted for revealing Apple’s vulnerability?

In 2009 Charlie Miller found a bug in iPhone’s text-messaging system and since then made it a habit to search for flaws in Apple’s operating platforms. He discovered other vulnerabilities and plans to present them in security conference in Taiwan.

Thanks to its restriction upon code developers can use Apple’s iOS is much more safer. The Android marketplace that is growing with incredible rate of one billion download per month is less controlled and much more vulnerable. According to McAfee report the number of Android specific malware increased by 37 percent since the second quarter of this year, that is, almost all malicious app recently developed aims at Android. A big picture is even more scaring, in 2011 the number of Android malware increased by 90 percent in comparison with 2010. Meanwhile malware directed toward Apple’s iOS jump by only 25 percent during the same period..

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