Apps developers please note, you are in Media Business

Seth Godin has already stresses the collapse of traditional paid media pyramid in terms of value and pricing. To give a snapshot of his idea: before mass media content could be clearly divided to Bespoken (exclusive & expensive), Limited (rare & pricey), Mass (cheap & freely available), Free (little of usage content delivered to any one). Nowadays we have unlimited choices because anyone can publish almost anything. As a result, attention or public awareness became much more valuable. Finally, as Seth puts it the marginal cost of one additional piece of media content is equal zero.

Consumption of free media is booming meaning that media content inevitably should be cheap to produce and less human resource consuming, fast to market and catching attention.

You are still guessing what is the solution? Mark Andreessen named this trend “software is eating the world”, so apps, here we go!

Apps are not only one form of digital media, but let’s call it “new media”. For example, paper cover book is traditional media, ebook is one form of digital media, and now look at iPad’s TinTin art book that contains images and videos. Next, the way media content becomes popular has changed as well! Who read newspapers or watch TV? Your retired parents or neighbor’s desperate housewife? And definitely it is not your audience to target at the first place. Think about Facebook and Twitter that are a way much more powerful ways to promote product/business/service.

Summa summarum, apps developers already now can relatively easily get VC funding and establish business purely on apps sales. However, before jumping to this train better remember Seith’s prediction regarding new media: create cheap, create fast, create things that people love.

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