Apps that Let You Borrow or Rent Things from Your Neighbors

Sometimes, we have tools that only get used for a few minutes per year. For example, unused hammer, lawnmower or shovel that simply collecting dust in the store room. Why not we lend or rent those items to neighbors? When we need a car to pick up our children from school but the car has broken down, why not we hire a car from a neighbor?

With OhSoWe and Getaround, getting things from your neighbours is much easier.

OpenTable founder, Chuck Templeton tries to bring neighbors closer together through hyperlocal sharing with his new start up,OhSoWe earlier this month. It is an online community platform for neighbourhoods to network and communicate online.

OhSoWe’s three key sections in the websites are: Neighbors, Communication and Shareables.Neighbors is a list of people who live near you. To get into the list, you will need to use a credit card or a postcard to verify your address. Communication is a public message board for your neighbourhood. Shareable is similar to a local Craiglist where you can offer items to lend or sell. is a mobile application that I found useful in case I need a car. Getaround is a website that lets you rent cars from neighbors daily,hourly or weekly using a smartphone application. Insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance and a Getaround car-kit are included in each and every case.

Users who want to rent their car will be the ones nominating the prices that they are charging for hour and they will also be the ones choosing for how long they are willing to rent it. In addition, each listing comes complete with pictures of the vehicle.

With Getaround, we can create an environment with fewer cars, fewer jams and less pollution. It is such an environmental friendly solution.

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