Assistly assists you with your Customer Service

Customer service can either make or break the brand for me. I want them to respond fast with a solution to my problem regarding their product, and not just give me a sympathy card. Once they get a 10/10 from me in the customer service department, I automatically give them free advertisement to my family and friends, telling them how wonderful their product is.

If you own a certain brand and you’re reading this, whether your company is big or small, let me tell you that customer service is not something that is to be taken lightly. Happy customers are made by offering good customer service and ultimately, that’s what you want your consumers to feel, right? Assistly is an online web application that combines all your customer response conversations in order to provide you with a single outlet for service on your desktop. With this app, it will be more convenient for your customer service team to filter support requests and prioritize them in one platform.

Whether via email, phone, Twitter, Facebook or chat, assistance can be given to your customers in one simple and clean application. Assistly also offers assistance in the development of your FAQ page in order to reduce your customer service response requests.

Clients of Assistly include 37signals, Vimeo, DirectTV, Twitter, Wunderkind and many other large organizations.

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