Athens, World’s Most Flirtatious City According to, an online website that I have never heard about until today when I looked through the news articles and found that Athens has been ranked as one of the most flirtatious city in the world according to, you guessed it, Badoo.

I have been invited to a few times, never joined it, then I thought, why not, Athens is ranked the first city, I am curious as to what is the fuzz about this website. According to its About section, is social networking site for people across 180 countries to meet new people, their current users is as high as 100 million active users, including my 3 hours old profile. smartly measures the flirtatious messages and instant chat that has been send from member to member across the world; in other words, they monitor the flirtatious behavior among users. added that users in Athens initiate 25.7 flirtations while Paris engages at 20.7%, and New York at 16.1%.

Major writers and authors also have a say about this rank, most agreed that it’s not a surprise that Athens ranks the 1st among other major cities in the world because Greece is after all, the birthplace of Plato who also encourages flirtatious encounters and eroticism.

To me, is an upscale version of Hi5 where people are thriving to have more profile visitors and to be seen and heard. nonetheless is a good experience especially if you are one of the people that doesn’t want to pay for dating sites, keep in mind that there will be random, not to mention creepy messages in you inbox but other than that, you might get to meet some cool new people., your ‘Flirtatious Ranking,’ definitely got my attention, I wonder where Singapore ranks! Are you a member? Have you ever gone out on a date through Any good, bad, or interesting experience from the site?

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