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My mom likes to self-diagnose. One time she was experiencing back pain for weeks and kept on insisting that it was nothing but a simple muscle pain. She ended up going to physical therapy sessions for months.

Even her self-diagnosis almost took a toll on me. One time back when I was in junior high, I had a high fever and she simply dismissed it at just that – a high fever. Shortly after, the lower right part of my stomach began to really really hurt, it was only then that she rushed me to the hospital and found out that my appendix was about to burst.

So if any of you are like my mom, or if any of you have mothers like my mom and would like to stay longer in this earth, I suggest you visit this website: serves as an extension of Bing that helps users arrive at a more or less accurate self-diagnosis in shorter amount of time. It works by first inputting your exact symptoms (such as headache, vomiting, food poisoning, etc). After entering these symptoms, you will then be provided with advice for regaining your health. You will also be a shown a list of symptoms and possible diseases that the website can add/exclude at will for giving their searches more context and arriving at a more precise diagnoses.

Websites with general information on health will also be given to you, such as Wikipedia. This helps in giving more credibility and perspective with their results, as well as avoiding any overreactions when you receive such news.

The downside of this website however is that you won’t be able to save your search results, and neither will you be able to share them. Also, this definitely isn’t a replacement for a real doctor. However, needless to say the site is still a useful tool in beginning to understand what might be the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing as of the moment.


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