Baby Connection, the Baby Making App for Mom and Dad

There is an application for almost everything these days, from an application that can help you track the distance of your run, your calories intake, to this very latest addition to your personal life, well both of your personal lives, Baby Connection Application gets the mom and dad involved during the pregnancy process.

Most of the applications out there are either made solely for the dad or the mom, not sure if there’s one for the baby but there should be. This baby application separates into two parts, one part of the application is for the moms and the other part of the application is for the dads. The fact that this application separates in to half and half already got my interest but it gets better.

The half application of the mom side, allows the mom to update her status on how she is feeling at that stage of the pregnancy. Once updated, the dad’s phone will buzz with that update and there will also be guidelines on how the dad can help the mom feel better during that stage, tips will be provided accordingly.

Both parents can also add movies, sounds, pictures, and notes on the application in which both mom and dad can view. When the phone are put next to each other, a timeline will be displayed, which means, both phones are synchronized. This baby making application is free to download, however, it is only available in French and Dutch, soon, I hope, it will be available in English. Do you think you need this baby application? Which other applications out there that you find useful for you during your pregnancy?

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