Beach and I with The Beachfront Club

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, some might already be planning to at least get away from the bustling city of Singapore. And if you are a beach devotee the The Beachfront Club must be added to your bookmark. The Beachfront Club is an online website that combines all the beachfront hotels in the world on to one site with just a few clicks away. Of course, the website are also interactive with maps and locations all sorted out in to continents, regions, countries, cities, and then beaches.

It has also been set that there are certain qualities for a resort or a place to call themselves, ‘beach front,’ hotels. True beachfront qualities are that there should be no roads, traffic, or any blockage between a hotel and a beach. And come to think of it, there has been times when some of us were tricked by hotels to by their so-called, ‘beachfront,’ rooms only to find out that the hotel is completely detached from the beach but is with a ‘beach view.’

There are about 8,400 true beachfront hotels in the world and researchers expect 10,000 more to be discovered, if not already has. The Beachfront Club gathers all the beachfront hotels and resorts into one hub for the user to select; it is also synchronized with Agoda so with just a few clicks you can actually book a room. One feature that The Beachfront Club could use in the near future is to perhaps sync the hotel with TravelAdvisor or other hotel review website for the users to see.

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