Bing Gets Personal in Search

Despite the Bing versus Google drama that happened last week, Bing continues to evolve offering a personalized search for the users across the world. The Bing Team found that one of the obstacles with search engine because each person that is making the search expect different results, that expectation is due to the fact that each of us has different lifestyle, personality, and preference.

Personalized search, thus, would be an ideal solution for users; gathering information on the user is very important as it makes the personalized search engine more effective. Having gathered the personal information about a person doesn’t necessarily mean that the search would be extremely accurate according to The Bing Team, it also depends on the person’s location, the time, and also the purpose of searching whether it is to explore or looking for something they have seen before.

Because people mostly uses search engine to look for something to do, for example, where to eat, what to do, which theatre is the closest, and so on, Bing decided to integrate the local search which automatically tailor the results to be local oriented. Say in the future if you type the word, ‘Bak Kut Teh,’ the local shops that sell this special Chinese soup may appear on the search results.  Another feature that Bing plan to release is to present the ‘most relevant website based on an individual’s previous searches.’ This feature tailors the result for each user differently.

In my opinion, Google does both local & personalized search really well and I’m still not convinced that bing is ready to jump into this game. So far from what I can see Bing doesn’t even do Global/International search that well yet. For instance, we only have a few number of our pages indexed in Bing compared to a hundred in Google. So if they can’t even index our site properly, how can we even expect our customers to find us through Bing?

But you never know, Google’s recent accusations may have given the bing team some extra energy to move forward. So what do you think about Bing’s personalized / local search, a hit or a miss?

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