Bingle! Bing Copies Google Search Results

Launched in June 2009 as a ‘decision engine,’ Bing uses striking photographs on its Homepage and deliver results in columns, the Quick Tabs, and Categorized Search results. Yes, Bing has the design component going but are the search results as accurate as what Google has to offer? Bing has recently been caught copying search results from the mega search engine, Google.

It all started in May last year when the team at Google noticed that Bing’s search results was quite focused and would return the same results as Google would normally list, despite the misspellings in which someone may enter. Google has a feature that would detect the misspellings and offer the correct spelling in order to get the correct search results for the users, whereas Bing do not correct the spelling, yet the results are the same as Google.

Random word search on Google

Same results on Bing!

The page rank on Bing are in the same order as it would appear on Google despite the incorrect spellings and that ticked Google off. Google, suspicious, created a code that would detect the results from both Bing and Google  to see if they are synthetic. Google began to rank the pages different on queries that no human would normally search and soon enough, when the team at Google search the term on Bing, the page rank and results were the exact same match and in the same order.

Google’s team plan to have a little talk with Bing after their event, Big Think Presents Farsight 2011: Beyond the Search Box which ended yesterday. Rumour has it that Google is very unhappy about the copy cat behaviors, we wonder if Bing’s big copy cat move is clever or down right unfair. What’s your intake?

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