Bizzabo, A New Social Networking Tool For Professionals




Bizzabo makes networking at events and conferences easier.  This is a location-based app that helps attendees fnd, meet and connect with relevant professionals.

The mission is to unleash and maximize the true potential of networking during business events. Nearby “business opportunities” are missed on a daily basis at conferences, trade-shows, corporate meetings and social meet ups.  Bizzabo’s solution is a mobile platform for business networking which transforms a frustrating, ineffective experience into a seamless and efficient process in which you no longer “stumble upon” opportunities – you find them.

Bizzabo puts an interactive attendee list in your hands and helps you identify and connect with the right people in the room to achieve your goals for being there.

“Most people attend business events to network. But it’s easy to miss a lot of good opportunities. We’ve experienced this frustration ourselves and therefore developed a tool that could better engage and optimize the event experience” said Eran Ben-Shushan, Co-Founder & CEO of Bizzabo.

Event organizers can create and upload their event to Bizzabo’s directory. They can add or edit any information about the event at any time. Events within Bizzabo can also be branded with their event logo, color themes, up-to-date agenda, speakers, maps, and more.

Bizzabo can be used across all business events, enabling users to keep track of attendees, exhibitors, vendors and sponsors from previous events.

We all have business networks but we don’t have tools to use them effectively.  Bizzabo is a great way to make networking in conferences work.


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