Bringing MySpace back – through web TV?

Back in the days before Facebook and Twitter, Myspace was the place to be. However the social networking site has been left in the dust by other social networking powerhouses including the ones mentioned above but the Myspace team is not going to throw in the towel just yet.

Meet Myspace TV, the team’s bid to get Myspace back in the race to the top of the social networking site ladder.

Teaming up with Panasonic, this new product is to be launched on Panasonic HDTVs in the first half of 2012. Initially Myspace TV will be focused on music first, tapping into Myspace’s music library. The music channels will feature over 42 million songs and over 100 000 music videos and the channels will eventually be expanded to include news, sports and reality TV, ammalgamating programs of the most popular broadcast networks and on-demand content.

Not only so, Myspace TV also aims to make watching TV more social than ever. This was what Myspace’s co-owner Justin Timberlake had to say about the social aspect of Myspace TV:

“It feels like forever ago that we’d all get together around the set and watch the Cosbys. Along the way, TV stopped being a shared experience, and just became something you consume whenever you have a minute alone. But the problem is that people want to share and talk about what’s happening with their favorite shows and characters. Myspace is all about creating an experience where people can connect to what they’re passionate about and connect with each other based on that shared love.”

Myspace TV will also feature a social platform where one could comment on the programs in real time, check out what’s trending and even find out what a celebrity is saying about the TV program you’re watching. In short, it is everything we’ve imagined our TVs to be in this era in which social networking plays a major role in our daily lives.

The question is, will Myspace TV live up to its expectations? Will it bring Myspace back in the game? That’s hard to say with Youtube, Apple, the various TV networks in America and now Myspace all fighting for a slice of the Web TV pie but one thing’s for sure, the world of Television as we know it is about to change.

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