Call Your Friends on Facebook with Jajah

Nowadays, cheap long-distance calls can be easily achieved thanks to the internet. You can even look at the person you’re talking to even though he’s a thousand miles away, credits to Skype, Google Voice, and many other VoIP providers. But what if you don’t know someone’s number and you are in dire need of talking to them? Next option: message them on Facebook. Or better yet, call them on Facebook.

Yeap, you read right! Thanks to VoIP service provider Jajah, which was acquired by Telefónica in 2009, has come up with a new feature for its Android application that will allow you to call your Facebook contacts. All you have to do is to install the app on your phone and authenticate using Facebook Connect. Afterwards you can see all of your friends who are online in Facebook Chat. Simply tap on the name of the person whom you wish to call and they will receive an instant message with a link that invites them to have a free voice call with you. The link will lead to a website in which they will be able to talk using their computer’s speakers and microphone. They do not need to own a Jajah account in order to talk to you.

As for your privacy, you wouldn’t have to worry since the service masks your outgoing number. This feature was originally released last fall in the UK with support for its Blackberry app but it remained in private beta. Now it’s available for everyone who has an Android.

iPhone owners on the other hand won’t have to fret. The app is now pending and will be released based on Apple’s approval.

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