Can’t find that app? Let Quixey do the job for you

My mother has the most under-used iPhone and iPad in the whole world. I asked her why did she buy her iPad, and she simply answered, “To type my lectures.” She uses her iPad to type when she already has a mini laptop. I terribly wish she had given it to me. Because what would an iPhone be without an app, right? One of the advantages of having a mobile is that you can install numerous amounts of apps that cater to your specific needs. The challenge now is finding that right app for you. Quixey is a search engine that is dedicated to seeking those apps. With this website, the user will be able to search and discover apps by Quixey-defined functions instead of searching for an application based on the developer-generated description.

You simply tell Quixey what to do, as seen on the example on the picture above, and it will show results ranked by relevance, and will match apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Firefox, IE and Chrome according to that query. The column on the right most part of the picture will attempt to inform you whether or not the app lives up to its stated purpose.

This website, 18 months in the making, gathers information from blogs, forums, social media sites and other unnamed sources so that its users will be able to get the highest quality results. There are a few bugs to the site however as some of the results can be very odd, but co-founder Tomer Kagan assures us that Quixey will be adding a machine learning layer so that the search engine will be improved.

Time to overload my mom’s iPad!

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