– Scan Business Cards

When you have a lot of business cards,it is good to make the cards into a contact lists. In order to make the data portable, usually we will make it accessible online too. This is when CardWiX becomes very handy.

With CardWiX, you will only need to mail or upload your business cards and leave it to the company to process it into a contact list for you. The scanned business card will be 100% accurate as the data will be edited, proofread and reviewed one-by-one by a team of workers. Besides cards, CardWiX is able to deal with other business documents too. Membership lists, directories, PDF documents, sign-up sheets and rolodexes can be scanned to get contacts’ information.

The process will be done within 24 hours and an email will be sent to inform you about it. To try it, get the trial version for free now.

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  1. nikunj jain Reply March 22, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    Very interesting concept indeed!