iTunes Store opens in 12 Asian countries

Apple launches iTunes Store in 12 new Asia markets and this will give access to millions of songs and movies including local favourites. The iTunes Store will feature a collection of Asia and international music from all the major labels and many independent labels. Finally the 12 additional countries Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, […]

Learn to Develop iPhone Application

  Are you always wondering how people can make all those beautiful, weird and funny apps?  Today, everyone can be an App developer in 13 steps.  Apple launches a simple guidebook which will lead you to develop your own iOS app. Yeah buddy! The ‘Start Developing iOS Apps Today’  is the magic guide which will […]

Apple announces a revolution in the education world

Textbooks as thick as tree trunks and weighing tons, lectures and burning the midnight oil at libraries are what people generally think of when education is brought up, but that all is set to change if Apple is to have their way. On Thursday Apple finally made the highly anticipated announcement on education and announced […]

Apple and Samsung smartphones may be waterproof in the future?

Fancy taking calls underwater? Apple and Samsung might just make that a reality in the future. A new technology called HZO has recently been unveiled at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 that could be the next big thing in the smartphone market. It creates an “invisible vapour coating” that encases internal electronics, protecting the […]

Apple turns green: expands recycling program for iProducts

Even though its a company that strives off making its products feel outdated every half a year or so, Apple expresses their commitment to recycle used electronics, this time by the expansion of their recycling program to the UK. Apple’s website states: Apple’s commitment to the environment includes finding the most efficient ways to reuse […]

iPod, iPhone, iPad… and now Apple iTV is coming

You have an iPod though never use it anymore, iPhone 4S you have been waiting for months and queuing a few hours to get it, iPad 2 that already seems to be outdated and already burning to get a new Apple gadget? Though iPhone 5 and iPad 3 is on Apple’s “must release” list, the […]

“Green” iPhone is coming. iPhone to be run on Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Green/sustainable/environmentally friendly technologies has been a hip for over a decade, and we have solar panels, wind energy generators, electric cars. Even though technology is not new, it has slow penetration into mobile industry. One of the innate problems for all sustainable innovations to be commercialized is difficulty to achieve win-win situation, that is, investments […]

Apple’s Vulnerability Revealed. Malicious App Tests Security

We love smartphones because of unlimited number of applications! Mobile apps make handset more than a communication device. It is a time killer, diary, weather forecast and snapshot of all updates and the list goes on. However, think twice before downloading a new fancy application. Security expert Charlie Miller has proved Apple’s app store is […]

iPhone left behind all celebrities on web search sites

Guess what guys are looking for browsing a net? Yes, Steve Jobs “baby” over compete Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez as the most searchable word in 2011, according to Yahoo reseach. Thus, people are more interested in iPhone rather than Japan earthquake or Osama bin Laden murder. Yahoo! analyst Vera Chan told that among […]

Apple Confirms October 4 “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event

    Everyone is excited to know what will be unveiled on Oct 4. Could this be the much awaited iPhone5 ? “Let’s talk iPhone” That’s what the invite reads.  Several media outlets began receiving invitations for the said event.  It is scheduled to start at 10am PT at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA.  […]