YouTube app for Android gets an update

Today Google has released the redesigned YouTube app for their Android 4.0 with a strong focus around channels and subscriptions. The new YouTube app for Android 4.0 is rolling out today in the Google Play Store. This app brings a new channels interface and is letting users browse and add new subscriptions. The preload feature […]

Google’s Chrome Experiments arrives on mobile devices

Google has opened up Chrome Experiments and is bringing magic to mobile devices. It is a showcase for creative web experiments. Chrome Experiments is built with the latest open technologies including HTML5, Canvas, SVG and WebGL. Many interactive web pages and games are available on this website. Referring to Chrome Experiments: ‘’We hope the projects […]

Google Chrome now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

During the Google’s I/O developer conference, Google has announced to release the Chrome browser for iOS devices. The Chrome browser is bringing some new features to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad such as tab and bookmark sync. This means that you can have access to your data on other Chrome browsers. However, there are some […]

Developers can now respond to app reviews on Google Play

Android developers are now able to respond to user reviews on its Google Play. This means that you can receive soon a response directly from the company. Actually, developers are able to read comments, complaints, suggestions and feedbacks, but they can’t reply to users. So users can’t get any answer of response and this also […]

Google now offering support to developers with ‘Developers Live’

Google has launched ‘Google Developers Live’ to support developers during office hours. In this way, developers are allowed to talk directly to Googlers. It is quite serious that Google is strengthening its developer ecosystem.  Developers are now able to contact Google’s experts and fellow developers on this ‘live platform’.   This platform is for those who […]

Google Apps improves its security

Google launches 2-step verification for Google Apps to enhance the security across Google Apps accounts, especially in business environments.  This procedure was already launched back in September of 201, but now seems that is it needed for companies to increase the security of their Google Apps accounts. Administrators of Google Apps can now enable 2-step […]

YouTube adds auto captions in Spanish

Want to watch a Spanish YouTube video, but you don’t speak the language? Don’t worry! YouTube is expanding its language accessibility to add automatic captions in Spanish. According to YouTube blog: “Last year, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or about 140 views for every person on earth. As the world tunes in to […]

Google Apps vs. Microsoft 365: The Cloud Office

  Having your office with you everywhere and all the time? Google Apps is changing the relationship to the workplace in a better and more efficient way. Many of us are now permanently available via mobile devices for reading emails, checking corporate intranet or even for working at home. However, working at home, on the […]

5 Reasons to choose Google Apps over Microsoft 365

Google Apps is a major cloud service which is gaining and gaining more popularity. I will put here 7 reasons why it would be more efficient to choose Google Apps over Microsoft 365. As there are dozens of reviews about this battle, I will keep this short. 1.      Price Google Apps is free for individuals […]

Productivity: Google Apps and Office 365

Google Apps for Business is providing products and services which offer unique benefits for developing business needs. Everything what your business need such as cost effective productivity tools and building your business with totally secure would be included. The rise of Google Apps is a great innovation for businesses. Users can work more in an […]