Apple introduces iOS 6

At its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple didn’t announce the new iPhone but some highlights of iOS6. Apple’s iOS 6 comes with new features. As Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said: ‘’New changes in our notebook line up and major releases for iOS, the world’s most advanced desktop and operating systems, making them even better so that you […]

TomTom is integrated in the new iOS 6 Maps app

Apple is going to replace Google maps for its own map app, but now it seems like that the Dutch navigation-system maker TomTom has made a deal with TomTom. According to Thomas Husson, consumer product strategy analyst for Forrester Research:  “Apple finds a way to be less dependent from Google, to offer its own mapping […]

Hire and get hired by video chat

Nowadays, everyone loves to share videos since it is much easier than ever since the birth of YouTube in 2005. Online video is increasing with the introduction of tablets a, powerful mobile devices and PCs built-in cameras. This can be a great tool in the employment process. CareerCam is the leading provider of live video […]

Track a #hashtag all over the web with TagsInAction

Hashtags have been used over multiple platforms on the web and people are using it in messages and conversations. TagsInAction is a site which allows you to search for mentions of hashtags on multiple social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, Bing, Google+, YouTube and more.  It is also possible to find #hashtags which […]

Twitter airs first ever TV commercial

For the first time, Twitter aired its first ever TV commercials during the 2012 Pocono 400 NASCAR race. It is a series of seven TV commercials with interesting tag lines which are highlighting Twitter features. These commercials last for 16 seconds to promote its brand new hashtag pages with tag lines such as ‘See what […]

Twitter gets new logo and blue bird ‘Larry’ gets a haircut

Did you already notice the new Twitter logo? The social media giant Twitter has unveiled a new, simplified logo! The new Twitterbird, named after basketball legend ”Larry Bird”  gets a haircut in logo makeover. This new logo will be the universally recognisable symbol of Twitter, said Doug Bowman the creative director. According to Twitter: ‘’Our […]

Facebook launches App Center for Android, iOS devices

Facebook is taking Android and iOS devices to the next level by launching an App Center to highlight high-quality social apps. The Facebook App Center will feature personalized app recommendations based on an individual user’s interests and previous activity. Those app recommendations are based on quality and popularity by user’s ratings. In an email Facebook revealed: The […]

DIY camera kit creates personal Google Streetview

A Germany company has created the DIY-Streetview camera so now everyone is able to create their own Google-style Streetview! Everyone knows Google Street View, right. This technology is already featured in Google Maps and Google earth that lets users explore places around the world with panoramic views from positions along many streets. Now the DIY-streetview takes […]

Napsters founders launch Airtime video chat

Do you remember Chatroulette? Airtime, the Web video chat service is designed to take up where Chatroulette left off. Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning are the one who have changed the music industry forever with Napster.  Now, they have introduced Airtime, a Facebook-connected app that let users share live video with their Facebook friends or […]

Google Apps vs. Microsoft 365: The Cloud Office

  Having your office with you everywhere and all the time? Google Apps is changing the relationship to the workplace in a better and more efficient way. Many of us are now permanently available via mobile devices for reading emails, checking corporate intranet or even for working at home. However, working at home, on the […]