Gmail now features automatic message translation

Users of Google’s Gmail service can make use of automatic message translation. This would be a handy feature! This new feature is letting users to answer emails in the sender’s native language. Jeff Chin, Product Manager for Google Translate wrote: ‘’some people just wanted to easily read newsletters from abroad. Another person wrote in telling […]

Viddy reaches 16M users, gets a boost from Zuckerberg’s dog

Viddy the ‘Instagram for video’ has made an impressive movement. The Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined Viddy and uploaded a video on his Facebook. Viddy is a video shooting, sharing and social networking app for iPhone.  It lets users to upload a video of 15 seconds. This app is quite similar to Instagram […]

Who Googled you? This website knows

Nowadays, you just only need a ‘name’ and you might find more information about that person on Google.  Do you know how many times you have been Googled? BrandYourself is a start-up where you can manage your Google results. BrandYourself is offering cheap and easy approach to manage your Google results. This means that you […]

‘Facebook for Every Phone’ app gets photo filers.

Facebook has added filters to one of its apps named ‘Facebook for Every Phone’.  The two Instagram-like photo filters is now available! The app ‘Facebook for Every Phone’ was launched back in July 2011. This app is free for more than 2500 phones, so not only for iOS or Android though. These two-filters are now […]

Twitter updates its mobile website

Twitter has announced about the new updates on its mobile website.  Due to various mobile phones and browsers the new updates will make the Twitter website more consistent. Satya Patel, Twitter vice president of product wrote: ‘’In this updated version of, you can see all the Tweets from the accounts you follow in the […]

Skype launches on PlayStation Vita can do video calls in the middle of gaming sessions

The Microsoft owned Skype make its debut on Sony’s Playstation Vita. This will allow users to make free video calls through Skype. Now it is rolling out in the United Stated and this coming week it will be available for download in Europe and Asia. Users are now available to make free video calls through […]

LinkedIn launches iPad app, takes new direction

The world’s largest professional social network LinkedIn has introduced its first application for the iPad. Finally, iPad users can download the free app for their tablet. This app is really more than a reformatted iPhone and Android app. The LinkedIn app is totally redesigned and borrowed a page from the popular ‘Flipboard’ app. Mario Sundar, […]

Twitter updates iOS and Android apps

Twitter improves some features such as Discover Tab, Search and Push Notifications. These features will keep you close to your smartphone! The Twitter updates will make it easier for users to search and find new information. The Discover Tab on the web is now also on its mobile app. It has the same functionality such […]

Space-Time app for iOS: request a person’s location by sending a text message or iMessage

Want to locate your friends and family? Space-Time is the new iOS app that allows you to find your friends and family without any necessary tool. Space-Time app for iOS locates a contact on a map by texting a person a link to click on it. There are already some apps such as ‘Find my […]

Google+ gets a ‘Share’ button

Want to share interesting content from sites on Google+? Now the new ‘Share’ button is allowing you to share content from anywhere on the web directly to Google+. This new button is encouraging people to spread the content of pages among connections on Google’s social network. The new ‘Share’ buttons on Google+ is different from […]