Palestinian Hacker breaks into Zuckerburg’s Facebook wall

For Khalil Shreateh –A Palestinian self-described unemployed security researcher, what started out as a well-wished attempt to inform Facebook about their security loophole- ended up being termed as a “violent user”. On 19th july,2013  Shreateh hacked Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook profile and posted a link on his private timeline. According to many internet sources, […]

Facebook lets users disable notifications

Users will soon be able to control the flow of notifications on a daily basis. So users can get rid of those notifies. Facebook is letting users to give users more and easier controls over the notifications. Users are now able to opt out of notifications from applications, groups or other sources via the drop-down […]

HootSuite integrates Instagram, Slideshare and more

The leading social media dashboard HootSuite has added Instagram, SlideShare and two other social feeds to its features. This Vancouver-based company has created a dashboard which is used by many individuals and companies to coordinate their social marketing. The new applications are integrated in order to let users have the ability to monitor and engage […]

Instagram updates to 2.5 for iOS

Since Facebook bought Instagram, this is the first upgrade of this photo-sharing app. It’s a new iOS update to 2.5 with improvements. The upgrades of Instagram app are letting users to load their photo bit faster than before. There are not only speed improvements, but also visual improvements and more. According to Instagram, the new […]

Facebook rolls out comment editing

This ‘’copy, delete, paste, edit, post’’ is past time! Facebook starts letting you edit your comments, so you will be able to fix your mistakes. In the coming few days, you will be able to edit your own comments. Facebook is rolling out this ability as users now only have the ability to remove comments […]

Facebook buys

Facebook has officially acquired, the company that now provides facial recognition technology. is an Israeli company and Facebook has been already using their technology to help user’s identify and tag photos. As Facebook said: “People who use Facebook enjoy sharing photos and memories with their friends.’s technology has helped to provide the […]

Apple introduces iOS 6

At its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple didn’t announce the new iPhone but some highlights of iOS6. Apple’s iOS 6 comes with new features. As Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said: ‘’New changes in our notebook line up and major releases for iOS, the world’s most advanced desktop and operating systems, making them even better so that you […]

Twitter gets new logo and blue bird ‘Larry’ gets a haircut

Did you already notice the new Twitter logo? The social media giant Twitter has unveiled a new, simplified logo! The new Twitterbird, named after basketball legend ”Larry Bird”  gets a haircut in logo makeover. This new logo will be the universally recognisable symbol of Twitter, said Doug Bowman the creative director. According to Twitter: ‘’Our […]

Facebook launches App Center for Android, iOS devices

Facebook is taking Android and iOS devices to the next level by launching an App Center to highlight high-quality social apps. The Facebook App Center will feature personalized app recommendations based on an individual user’s interests and previous activity. Those app recommendations are based on quality and popularity by user’s ratings. In an email Facebook revealed: The […]

Facebook releases new admin panel for Facebook Pages

Facebook pages finally get administrator roles and schedules posts. These access controls are offering business and organization for more and better security capabilities. Now there are five new roles: manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser and insights analyst. The manager is the one who has the most permissions and have access in any admin roles and […]