The Touchtype brings together the iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard

The iPad is one of Apple’s successes. Designers are constantly trying to make the iPad convenient for the owners. Now, the Touchtype is a new case for the iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard. Salman Sajid is the creator of the Touchtype case. This is a Kickstarter project and the goal is $2,500 and now according […]

Turn your tweets into toilet paper

This is an amazing and a green idea! The new start up Shitter can turn your favourite and memorable tweets into toilet paper. Print your tweets on toilet paper and read it in your favourite restroom? Shitter is a start-up company which allow people to print their remarkable tweets. As you probably know, Shitter is […]

Summify joins the Twitter flock

What is Summify? from Summify on Vimeo. Latest news from the Twitterverse! Summify has joined the flock! What exactly is was Summify? With the avalanche of updates that come your way on news feeds, Twitter dashboards and more every time you log in to a social networking site, one could easily be caught up on […] is the new place to be – for atheletes and sports enthusiasts

Until now, sport enthusiasts, teams and athletes have not had anywhere to call home in the online world despite the unimaginable size of the sports industry, but all that is about to change. Enter LockerDome, a social networking site for sports that aims to help athletes create sports profiles, also serving as a platform to […]

YouSticker redefines the meaning of sticky

I’m personally a huge fan of sticky notes; they are just nifty for recording down thoughts and comments on just about anything. I have always wished that I could add sticky notes to specific bits of information on a webpage instead of bookmarking the entire page (it would certainly make organizing the massive amount of […]

Top tech start-ups to work for in 2012

You are a high calibrate graduate, a brilliant programmer and have been been dreaming to work for either Facebook, Google, Apple or other tech giant? Yeah, even though these companies do their best to hire talented engineers, still very few have got the opportunity to be employed. But well, the 2011 year was especially successful […]

Pinterest enters social networking websites race! Lucky newcomer?

40 times growth over six months for a newcomer is a pretty good indicator in all kind of areas, and if it comes to social networking sites it really catching! So, who is the “new” Facebook competitor? Pinterest, is a social networking site, one of Palo Alto based start-ups, that features an “online pinboard” interface. […]

AwesomeShip – Package Tracking Made Easy

AwesomeShip a trio of entrepreneurial guys who came up with an idea how to help online retailers improve their customers’ satisfaction became winners of the First Startup Weekend Hong Kong. Online shopping became extremely popular activity, so AwesomeShip found a niche in this emerging market. So, the concept of AwesomeShip is very simple: it tracks […] is Facebook for Girls Only, No Boys Allowed!

Alexandra Chong went on a great date one day, and faced a problem not foreign to every other girl out there; she had to make three phone calls, two Skype sessions and dozens of texts to tell her friends all about it! Tired from the amount of work it took her to spread the scoop […] – The future of travelling?

Like travelling and in need of good company a long way away from home? is here to save your day! As Tim Cahill once said, “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” was created based upon precisely this philosophy. Started by a group of friends who met at a hostel […]